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Pinch me, I must be dreaming..........

JB finished registering for the classes which did not start until early the next morning. The Seminar JB was attending was the American Audiology Society's annual Convention. I was saying to myself as I looked around, no wonder this place was so posh. Audiologists wouldn't think of staying at anything that was less ritzy and high class as this! But of course they could afford it for the fees THEY charge.
We started walking back toward the main lobby where we had registered at the front desk on the way in the night before. We walked along enjoying the courtyard. There was a small building to the one side which turned out to be a steam Sauna, and next to that was another building where you obtained towels and ordered drinks and snacks to be served at one of the many tables or chaise loungers grouped around the courtyard and the 2 pools, one for each of the 2 sections of the courtyard. There were also 2 wading pools and 2 hot tubs.
We passed by a large section of tennis courts that was bordered by tall palm trees as well as beautiful flowering bushes, trees and gardens. These were everywhere we looked in the courtyard as we walked along. There was also a huge sculptured fountain at each end of the entrance to the courtyard.
At the furthest end of the inner courtyard, opposite of the main entrance lobby were 3 or 4 large ballrooms with outside terraces where I'm sure Society Balls were held several times a year. At this side of the Motel were large divisible meeting rooms on the three different levels so several conventions or other functions could be held at the same time.
As we came back across the "Bridge" between the two different sections we came across an elevator that went to the 3rd floor. Upon going up in the elevator we found ourselves let out by a reservation desk. One side lead to a very expensive Restaurant where after you confirmed your reservation you were taken by a Maitre'd and seated at your table. The other side was a Lounge and Sports Bar where you could order drinks and sandwiches, chips or pizza of your choice. There were also several TV's and about 4 Large screen Sets hooked up to several Satellite feeds so you could watch just about any sport you wanted to. There was also a Happy Hour held every day between 4 and 6 P.M. where drinks and chips were served free. Of course you were limited as to how many free drinks you could have but you could still have fun! I felt I was walking along in some strange dream through all of this.... I was afraid I was going to wake up any minute and find this was all in my head! But it was not.
JB said they still felt tired from all the previous days driving and wanted to go back to the rooms to rest, watch some TV and possibly take a nap. I agreed, but said I wanted to explore the lobby and gift shop I had noticed the night before, so I left JB by the rooms and went there. While in the lobby I found a hallway that lead to the guest laundry and dry-cleaning room and an exercise room. I asked myself what I was going to come across next! I soon found out. As I went through the glass door that lead out into the courtyard I discovered two large bird cages in which I saw 2 colorful large Parrots. One from South America(red) and the other from Africa(grey). There were big signs on each cage that said "Do not feed me, I bite!" I stood there for a few minutes to see if I could get one of them to talk. They listened to me intently with their heads moving around and cocked, but didn't say anything. Then I decided after getting some cold drinks for the fridge in my room to go wait for JB to finish napping by reading a book I had brought along.(contd')
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